Dreamhost Coupon Code and 14 Day Free Trial

Dreamhost is well known web hosting provider in the world and its aim is to provide maximum webhosting service in the world. If you want to save money in host your website in dreamhost than i have some dreamhost discount coupon code it is known as dreamhost promo code. This code is give different kind of discount to attract new customers. This coupon code is only for new customers of dreamhost. Dreamhost is also gave 14 days free trial for new customers.

SAVE75DISC  This coupon Code is give you flat $75 discount on shared web hosting plan. So you can host your website in just $3.70/Month.

DreamHost Coupons Really Work for Saving Money.

DreamHost provides services of shared and dedicated hosting. Its popularity among bloggers does not make it expensive. The excellent services are available at a reasonable price that starts from $7.95 per month. Shared hosting service costs only $8,95 monthly. With a low cost, you will get an unlimited bandwidth and disk space, free domain and sub domain, supported by professional customer supports, plus other great applications and features that cannot be mentioned here one by one. To add the goodness, DreamHost has a 97-day money back guarantee. You can experience DreamHost in all ways up to more than 3 months with a guarantee to get a refund if no satisfaction on the services.

How much DreamHost will cost you?

Initially, you will need to pre-pay a $49,95 setup fee that will last for a year or two depend on your plan. Setup fee is to be paid only once, and you are refunded as it is included in 97-day money back guarantee. DreamHost does not charge for tax and there is no such thing as hidden charges. All billings are done transparently. Hosting services will charge you based on the monthly plan price and how many months you wish to prepay. First domain registration is free while additional one will cost you $9,95 per annum.

First of all, the prices are relatively cheap considering all the benefits you can get from this web hosting providers. Secondly, it gives a discount by a promotion code or coupons. To give more benefit to the user as well as attracting more customers, DreamHost provides many coupons and promotional code that are spread all over the internet. You can find them very easily.

Below are several coupons and promotional codes, I found online for 2013. Using this coupon for the registration will make you save a nice amount of money.


This coupon code is give you $50 off for new customer of dreamhost and also get 15 days free trial. $119 - $50 = $69 / 12 Month = $5.75 per Month . You Can get $9.91 web hosting plan In just $5.75 per Month. This coupon code save your $4.16 Per month.This Coupon Code is for september 2013 only.


This Dreamhost coupon code give you $97 off with all features of dreamhost. This coupon code is gave maximum discount in dreamhost. No one coupon is give you discount more than this coupon code.You can save $97 for your webhosting.

$119 - $97 = $22 / 12 Month = $1.83 per Month . You Can get $9.91 web hosting plan In just $1.83 per Month. This coupon code save your $8.08 Per month.If Dreamhost is not give you $97 Discount than You can Get flat $50 Off.


This Dreamhost discount code is helpful to them who is interested in paying for two year subscription. You can get $24 discount in one year subscription and $50 off in two year subscription.

$119 - $24 = $97 / 12 Month = $7.83 per Month . You Can get $9.91 web hosting plan In just $7.83 per Month. This coupon code save your $2.08 Per month.

$119 - $50 = $69 / 12 Month = $5.75 per Month . You Can get $9.91 web hosting plan In just $5.75 per Month. This coupon code save your $4.16 Per month.


Use This code for who want to get One IP Address and One life time domain free. It's cost is minimum $45 One Lifetime domain and one IP address cost is minimum $30 so you can get $75 discount. so use this code as fast as soon.

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Dreamhost Product Range

Shared Web Hosting Plan

Dreamhost offers the basic minimal priced Web Hosting service with unlimited domains. This Web Hosting is super charged with even CloudFlare which enhances performance, speed and security of your website. Web Hosting services come with various monthly and yearly packages. You can try dreamhost shared web hosting plan, and when you find it apt for your requirement, you can go for annual services with complementary saving of flat $50 for your first year hosting plan.

DreamHost Shared Hosting Features

  • Disk Storage - Unlimited TB + 50GB Backups
  • Monthly Bandwidth - Unlimited TB
  • domains and sub-domains with single account - unlimited
  • Full Shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP Users - Unlimited
  • E-Mail Accounts (POP/IMAP/Webmail) - Unlimited
  • MySQL 5 Databases - Unlimited
  • Operating System - Debian Linux
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • 97-day money-back guarantee
  • The Award-winning DreamHost Control Panel

VPS Hosting Plan and Price

  • 300 MB - $15/month
  • 600 MB - $30/month
  • 1000 MB - $50/month
  • 2000 MB - $100/month
  • 4000 MB - $200/month

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Features

  • Disk Storage - Unlimited TB + 50GB Backups
  • Monthly Bandwidth - Unlimited TB
  • RAM - 300 MB To 4000 MB
  • Domains Hosted - Unlimited
  • Full Shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP Users - Unlimited
  • E-Mail Accounts (POP/IMAP/Webmail) - Unlimited
  • Operating System - Debian Linux
  • Money back guarantee for 97 days

DreamHost Dedicated Hosting Plans& Price.

  1. New Moon 2 - $99/Month
  2. Half Moon 2 - $119/Month
  3. Half Moon 4 - $139/Month
  4. Blue Moon 4 - $169/Month
  5. Blue Moon 8 - $209/Month
  6. Blue Moon 12 - $249/Month


Usually, it is not required to set Domain Name Servers, or set DNS if your website is hosted through DreamHost. However, because of other constraints or personal reasons, one may need to be hosted through other hosting providers. So, as a result of that, the website owner needs to modify the name servers for already registered domain of yours.


FTP is a short form of File Transfer Protocol. This is a protocol, or a set of rules, used to transfer the files from your stand alone system to the web server. The files contain the web pages of the website you are going to launch on the internet. Like any other web hosting company, DreamHost also provides FTP access so that you can transfer the files, of your web pages direct to the server. DreamHost gives you FTP access through the login username and password.


Most of the web servers design their web hosting packages by keeping in view of the varied expertise of varied customers. The tech savvies are good enough to understand the technology and do the necessary installation and updation within seconds, however it would be rocket science for the people from other industries and expertise. So like many other web hosting companies, DreamHost also has provided this one click installs.


DreamHost provides one free Domain Registration with every hosting account or plan. Just like your mobile number is unique along with your STD or ISD code, the website name also should be unique, without matching with the others.


Domain transfer is transferring your website to and from your hosting company. You can transfer either way, depending on the features offered by the registrar. It helps using single control panel for all operations. If you want your website to host by DreamHost, all you need is just change NameServer entry at your registrar.


After you made your unique URL, i.e. naming your website, you need certain data space on web server to place your web content in the form of web pages. So, registering or reserving certain space in the web server is called Domain Hosting. The information about where your domain name servers are stored accessible, would be in the DNS (Domain Name Server).

* If company is provide than you can get $97 OFF otherwise you get $50 OFF.